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Why Visit Bhutan? 

Bhutan is a country like no other. It's mystical, even magical, but above all, beautiful, friendly and authentic.

Many people approach visiting Bhutan as a "bucket list" destination. With its remoteness, history and cultivation of "high value, low impact" tourism, it's a natural draw for the adventure minded. Visitors soon learn that rather than a check mark, Bhutan is a place to return to often for refuge, peace, serenity, healing, spirituality and great photographs.


Bhutan is a land of superlatives, first among them is that it's the only country with a negative carbon footprint. Perhaps this is why Lonely Planet has put it at the top of its Best in Travel 2020 book. Bhutan is also aiming to become the world's first 100 percent organic nation. Bhutan is playing a leading role in its sustainability efforts and mindfully leading the world to become a better place to live.

So, what makes this place so special and an amazing place to visit? The answer is grounded in its rich history.

“Adventure, culture and excitement! There is plenty of all three. Even after a year I remember something about Bhutan every day.”   Dan B, USA

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