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Here at Jim and Roy Travel, our thing is all about Authentic Travel. And, while to some, Hawaiʻi may be all about plastic leis and watered down Mai Tais, to us, it is over a 1,500 years of history and culture. We strive to find a balance in every experience between beautiful beaches and learning, in a fun way, about Hawaiʻi before the tourists began arriving in 1778. To do this, we customize and assist you with any travel plans you may have for the beautiful Aloha State, from fun in the sand, to cultural immersion experiences; from beautiful hikes, to shopping and great food, or just getting lost in paradise. For more information about visiting Bhutan, Hawaiʻi or other destinations, simply call ussend us an email or fill in our contact form.


Hawaiʻi has opened its door to visitors. There are some things to know before booking your flight to paradise. Most important, and this is good news, If you have a domestic trip to Hawai‘i, there are no arrival or entry requirements. The Safe Travels platform will no longer be utilized. No more scrambling for a pre-flight Covid test or dealing with the online forms. 

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