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Festivals in Bhutan consist of various religious dances performed by monks and laymen. The origin of religious dances can be traced back as early as the 8th century AD when Guru Rinpoche, a great Buddhist teacher, used these tantric and magical dances to subdue evil spirits and demons.

Tshechus are considered auspicious and is witnessed by devotees, tradesmen, and visitors from all walks of life, all dressed in their best. There are many festivals throughout the year including the Domchey and Tshechu of Punakha. The Punakha Dzong is one of the most majestic structures in all of Bhutan.

Also included in a festival tour are scenic drives to various valleys, and hikes to some famous monasteries thus giving you the unique opportunity to interact with monks and local people. You will also explore villages and have the option of staying a night or two in farmhouses.

These festivals reflect the richness of everything that is Bhutanese.

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