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Colombia ... Is it safe?

Colombia ... Is it safe? Before I get to that let me describe a country, full of charm, full of great food and friendly people. It's history is sometimes tragic but they are survivors and have adapted over the years to create a country that is welcoming to all ... gay, straight, and everything in between.

The three cities most visited are Medellin (pronounced MedeGENE in MedeYENE), Bogota and the lovely Cartagena. All three cities have a lot to offer from the high Andes in Bogota to the beach in Cartagena ... but my favorite city is Medellin, which is full of gayness and a vibrant lifestyle ... not to mention the culinary capital of the country (my opinion anyway).

This was my third trip to Colombia, hosted by the fabulous travel company OUT in Colombia. We were regaled with stories past, from the locals whose ancestors lived the tales. We were treated to amazing food and drink and shown what is possible for lodging and basically treated like Queens! Among the things I learned is most everyone, whether black, indigenous or of Spanish derivation get along just fine. The country is simply divided by income level, from one to six with one being the folks that pay the lowest taxes and live in less than luxury housing and six being the most affluent. Whether one or six or anything in between, people are out and about, doing their business, with no hint of being in the wrong place.

It's a peaceful country (now) (more on that later) with a modern infrastructure. I had data wherever I went and WiFi was never hard to find. Public transportation is best in the bigger cities, but even Cartagena has a decent bus system. And is there ever lots to see. I particularly like the museums and beaches and of course 'people' watching. The walled city in Cartagena is more or less a living museum, having been built in the the 1500s to keep out pirates and later the Spanish and British.Also, here are a few pics from my journey. Enjoy!

PS ... This was not written by Ai.

Jim and Roy Travel

Is Headed for Colombia!

The details are being finalized but we are putting together an awesome LGBTQ+ journey to this amazing and welcoming country. Please put Colombia on your February 2025 Travel Plans!

We will visit Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin with internal flights, hotels and most meals included in the price! All you have to do is pack your sexiest bathing suit and enjoy the scenery! Stay tuned!

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Colombia Curious? 

Colombia has many areas beyond the big cities, such as the coffee plantations, beaches, volcanoes, amazing trekking routes, 'dude' ranches or farms so basically something for everyone. I also met with about 20 suppliers who are well suited to make your stay in Colombia comfortable and safe. Oh, and speaking of safe, to answer the question about that, the answer is yes ... but, like in any big city or crowded area, you have the first responsibility to keep your valuables where they can't be lifted easily. Now, for more on that, check out this amazing article  from the website of OUT in Colombia.

And then get on the horn with Honu Adventures - Cruise Planners and we will set you up with our friends in this unique country that touches the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

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